General Purpose Cleaners

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All-Purpose Cleaner A mild detergent that safely cleans any surface not damaged by water. Contains no caustics, abrasives, soap or any other...
Product Number2109326
Old Product #ST-1250, ST-596
Bowl Cleaner Is a professional strength cleaner that cleans toilet bowls with ease. Its hydrochloric acid breaks down and removes mineral...
Product Number1008114
Old Product #ST-25
Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover A non-foaming acid cleaner. Removes calcium, lime and rust deposits from tubs, sinks, toilet bowls, coffee pots, pans,...
Product Number2109395
Old Product #ST-1257
Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Ideal for use on heavily soiled carpets and fabrics. It produces a foam that gently cleans the surface of the fibers without...
Product Number2109357
Old Product #ST-1253
Cleaner Degreaser Removes grease and heavy soils from all surfaces. Rinses freely, non-flammable and phosphate free. Spray or mop on and rinse...
Product Number2109333, 1003881
Old Product #ST-1251, ST-925
Heavy Duty Degreaser A water-based, odorless, fast-working, non-flammable industrial cleaner ideal for use with automatic scrubbing machines,...
Product Number2109425, 1009050
Old Product #ST-1261, ST-905
Jungle Jake® Cleaner Degreaser Provides heavy duty cleaning without harsh chemicals. Jungle Jake is safe for you and safe to use on all washable surfaces,...
Product Number2381503, 1009654, 1008138, 1000781, 1002129, 1002716
Old Product #ST-1815, ST-34, ST-31, ST-78, ST-960, ST-963
Jungle Jake® Glass & Surface Cleaner Cleans almost everything in the house. Ideal for windows and mirrors, bathroom tile, sinks and tubs, kitchen appliances,...
Product Number102004
Old Product #ST-22
Valley View Extra Strength Ammonia Can be used for all of your home and farm needs. It excels as an agricultural spray tank cleaner. Extra Strength Ammonia...
Product Number1006615
Old Product #ST-49
Window Cleaner A powerful institutional formula for use on glass, mirrors, plastic, plexiglass, stainless steel, chrome-plated surfaces,...
Product Number2109340
Old Product #ST-1252