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Manufacturer and packager of specialty chemical products.

One Packs & One Packs Express

one packs

A comprehensive line of more than 60 professional-grade cleaning liquids and powders, innovatively packaged in premeasured packs. 

Water Flakes

Stearns has developed the revolutionary Water Flakes® water-soluble packets for powder concentrates.

Quik Tank
quik tank

The Stearns Quik Tank system is the perfect inventory-control solution for frequent spray-and-wipe applications requiring high volumes of cleaning solution.

Quart'r Packs

Quart'r Packs

Just drop one Quart'r Packs® packet into one quart of water, and you are on your way to a cleaner and greener facility.

Household Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products

Home cleaning products for laundry, dishwashing, degreasing, and more!

Farm Sanitation Products

Farm Sanitation Products

Milk quality solutions for dairy professionals. High quality sanitation products for udder health and dairy equipment.

Automotive Cleaning Products

Automotive Cleaning Products

Great selection of cleaning products for the car and shop.

Commercial Bulk

Commercial Bulk

Professional Cleaning products for institutions, business, and industry.

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One Packs & One Packs Express One Packs & One Packs Express
Water Flakes Water Flakes
Quik Tank Quik Tank
Quart'r Packs Quart'r Packs
Household Cleaning Products Household Cleaning Products
Farm Sanitation Products Farm Sanitation Products
Automotive Cleaning Products Automotive Cleaning Products
Commercial Bulk Commercial Bulk

Featured Products

Dispenser-Free Control Systems


Sanitizer, deodorizer, fungicide, mildewstat, and virucide. A quaternary-based formulation designed for use in…


Concentrated glass cleaner formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia. Excellent performance on glass…


Yields 75 gallons of end-use product. Window cleaning has never been easier. For years, Bug Blitzer® has been…


Yields 101 gallons of end-use product. Filled with Stearns top performing premeasured liquid cleaners, the starter…


Concentrated glass cleaner that leaves surfaces free of streaks, soils, smudges, and grease. Use on glass, mirrors,

For more than forty years, the concept of premeasured products with reduced packaging, accurate measurement, and safe formulations has been the cornerstone of Stearns’ product philosophy.

It is our objective to help our customers meet their goals by focusing on the principles of environmental sustainability. In cooperation with government and environmental agencies, our ongoing evaluation of formulations and packaging technology ensures quality performance while reducing environmental impact.


Choose the Right Disinfectant/Sanitizer for Your Facility

Stearns Dispenser-Free Control Systems put you in control of cross-contamination with labor-saving effectiveness.

Schools, airports, office buildings, and retail stores can reduce absenteeism and improve public health with a One Packs™/ 5-Point System maintenance program that features disinfectant cleaners.

On-the-go mixing convenience and broad-spectrum killing power put your staff in control of costs and the latest, most contagious pathogens.

Refer to the individual Technical Data Sheets and Efficacy Summaries for the pathogen-specific performance of Mark E II, Mark 11, Steramine®, Water Flakes® Powdered Detergent/Disinfectant, Quart’r Packs™ Powdered Detergent/Disinfectant, Sanitergent™, and Sink Sanitizer against the latest pathogens.

Additional Product Lines


Household Cleaning

Laundry Care, Dishwashing and Hand Soaps, All-Purpose, Household Cleaners, Green Essentials


Farm Sanitation

Udder Washes & Teat Dips, CIP Alkaline & Acid Cleaners, Manual Cleaners, Sanitizers, Vacuum Pump Oil, Laundry


Automotive Cleaning

Cleaners/Degreasers, Parts Cleaners, Concrete Floor Cleaner, Car Wash Concentrate, Pressure Wash Solutions, Windshield Cleaners, Tire Lubricant


Commercial Bulk

High performance and value for our industrial and institutional customers