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Food Contact Sanitizer, Non-Food Contact Sanitizer

For restaurants, food handling and process areas, bars and institutional kitchens.

Sanitizes glassware and utensils. No potable rinse is allowed after sanitizing. Air dry only.

Product Number 2376700
Old Product # ST-767
EPA Reg. No. 10324-63-3640

The Bar-Master® program includes a complete line of products for cleaning and sanitizing bar glasses. All products are packaged in premeasured packets to create perfect strength solutions. Bar-Master® cleaners produce sparkling clean glassware without streaks, odor, or residue. Proper bar glass cleaning produces a thick creamy foam head which results in more glasses per barrel adding up to maximum profits.

#2376700 - 100 x 0.75 fl. oz. per case. Bar-Master®. One pack makes 3 gallons.



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