Hytron®, Chlorinated Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Category: Commercial Bulk
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Automatic dish detergent for sparkling clean dishes, glassware, and silverware

  • Hard-working, caustic-free detergent for use in commercial mechanical dishwashers
  • Chlorinated institutional formula emulsifies grease without excessive foam
  • Keeps dishes and utensils free from water marks, spotting, and streaking
  • NSF Certified: A1


Product Number 1602204, 1604574
Old Product # ST-450, ST-452, ST-453
NSF CertifiedNSF Certified NSF Certified: A1

Is an effective powdered dishwashing detergent with the added punch of chlorine for use in all automatic dishwashers. It is an ideal powder for home and commercial use.

#1602204 - 20 lb. pail
#1604574 - 60 lb. pail

For large loads and in hard water, add one full scoop of Hytron® into the detergent dispenser.

For small loads and in soft water, use a little less Hytron®. Use hot water for all loads.

• Follow manufacturer's instructions to check for dishwasher safe items.
• Load dishes facing the center.
• Do not completely block spray arms.

• Soak heavily soiled items in 1 tablespoon of Hytron® to 1 quart of hot water (do not soak cast iron or silverware).