Angora® Fabric Softener

Category: Commercial Bulk
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Reduces wrinkles and eliminates static cling from your laundry

  • Adds the fresh smell of spring to your clothes and linens
  • Bright colors stay bright and won't dull your whites
  • Smooths out wrinkles for easier ironing
  • Softens towels for better absorbency
Product Number 1006202, 1110605
Old Product # ST- 62, ST-1060
For the HomeFor the Home Laundry Care

Reduces wrinkling, leaves towels and clothes pleasingly soft. Makes unloading, ironing, and folding easier by eliminating static cling. Cuts costs by giving better water extraction in less time, thus reducing drying time. Can be used with a built-in liquid softener dispensing system. Keeps colors bright and won't dull your whites. pH (concentrate) - 5.4

Leaves your laundry and linens pleasingly soft. It also eliminates static cling. This makes unloading and ironing easier. Keeps colors bright and won't dull your whites.

#1110605 - 55 gal. drum

Also available in PREMEASURED SIZES.

#1006202 - 4 x 1 gal. case


Automatic Washers: Fill cap to lower (2 oz.) 1/4 cup line, or fill to upper (4 oz.) 1/2 cup line (depending on desired softness). Add to rinse water at start of final rinse cycle. If all cycles have been completed, reset machine to repeat final rinse and add Angora®. If used in automatic softener dispenser, dilute Angora® with 4 oz. clear water for best results. The same method may be used in any floating dispenser.

Fine Fabrics by Hand: Add 2 oz. to final rinse water.