Brisk® Hygienic Plus

Category: Consumer Brands
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Advanced liquid laundry detergent for hygienic clean

  • Provides worry-free clean
  • Powerful dual enyzmes action removes dirt between fibers
  • Micro-clean formula removes hidden dirt
  • Clean Sport Scent
Product Number 1028202
For the HomeFor the Home Laundry Care
Dairy SanitationDairy Sanitation Laundry

Outperforms the competition in cold or hot water. Special dispersants keep clothes looking new wash after wash. High-tech brighteners make your whites and colors brilliant. Fortified with enzymes for powerful stain fighting action. Safe for all washing machines, including standard and HE (high efficiency). Biodegradable and septic safe. Add 1/4 to 1/2cup per wash load.

#1028202 - 2 x 200 fl. oz. case