Concrete Floor Cleaner

Category: Automotive
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Industrial strength cleaner for high-traffic concrete floors

  • Heavy-duty powdered cleaner with a fresh pine scent
  • Removes grease and stubborn soils with ease
  • Ideal for factories, garages, warehouses, rest rooms, and locker rooms
  • Highly alkaline cleaner with phosphates
Product Number 2003270, 2002297, 2005625
Old Product # ST-1260, ST-98, ST-562
AutomotiveAutomotive Concrete Floor Cleaner

Is a heavy-duty, pine-scented, powdered cleaner. It removes grease and stubborn soils with ease.

Concrete Floor Cleaner is especially compounded for cleaning floors where traffic is heavy and grime, grease and other soils may be embedded. Concrete Floor Cleaner does a better job faster.

Concrete Floor Cleaner can be used in factories, garages, warehouses, rest rooms, locker rooms, and waiting rooms.

#2003270 - 18 lb. pail
#2002297 - 45 lb. pail
#2005625 - 100 lb. drum

1. Wet surface with water.
2. Sprinkle Concrete Floor Cleaner over wetted area.
3. Scrub area with floor brush.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
5. Squeegee floor dry.