Pre-Post 1/2%®

Category: Farm Sanitation
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A sanitizing pre & post iodine teat dip, NPE-Free

  • 1/2% iodine, 5% glycerin
  • An aid in reducing the spread of organisms which may cause mastitis
  • For use before and after milking
  • Emollient system provides excellent skin conditioning properties, minimizes teat irritation
  • NPE-Fre to reduce environmental impact
  • FDA regulated, NDC #060282-2106
Product Number 1244010, 1244058, 1244157, 1244553
Dairy SanitationDairy Sanitation Teat Dips

A sanitizing pre- and post-dip with 0.5% available iodine, containing iodophor complexes in a solution of glycerine, buffering, and complexing agents. Aids in reducing the spread of organisms which may cause mastitis. Its glycerin-based emollient system has excellent skin conditioning properties.

FDA regulated product's NDC# 060282-1106 and 060282-2106

#1244010 - 4x1 gallon case
#1244058 - 5 gallon pail
#1244157 - 15 gallon drum
#1244553 - 55 gallon drum


For Pre-Milking

  1. Wash each individual teat with a sanitizing udder wash. 
    NOTE: For best results, keep hair around teat base clipped.
  2. Hand strip teats to initiate let down.
  3. Pre-dip entire teat with Pre-Post 1/2%® on all four quarters. Repeat process on next 4 to 6 cows or until first cow prepped has at least 1 minute contact time.
  4. Wipe each individual teat with a clean paper towel. Utilize a "pulling down" motion which removes iodine solution, germs, and sediment from teat skin. Very important!
  5. Place machine on cow and repeat wiping process on remaining cows that have been pre-dipped.

For Post Milking

Dip entire teat with undiluted dip solution. Allow to air dry and remain on teats for prolonged contact time. Clean, sanitize, and thoroughly dry each teat prior to next milking. Replace dip solution when visibly cloudy or dirty.


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