Tire Lube Concentrate

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Concentrated Tire Lubricant

For mounting and demounting tires.

Product Number 2308565, 2300996
Old Product # ST-99, ST-99S
AutomotiveAutomotive Tire Lubricant

Concentrated tire lubricant for mounting and demounting tires. Also cleans and dresses all rubber, leather, and plastic surfaces. Approved for use by major tire manufacturers. Contains no petroleum, promotes necessary adhesion to prevent bead slip and contains a naturally built-in rust inhibitor. Dilute 13 oz. per gallon of water for use.

pH (concentrate) - 9.5

#2308565 - 10 x 13 oz. pack without swab
#2300996 - 10 x 13 oz. pack with swab


  1. Add contents of one 13-oz. pack to a clean 1 gallon wide-mouth mixing container, 7/8 full of warm water.
  2. Stir thoroughly with swab. It's ready!



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